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The Music & Arts Center of Cultural Learning offers four distinct levels of study tailored to each student regardless of age and/or playing ability. Through each program, the student will learn musical skills that will assist in the growth of becoming a complete musician.

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Victor Collins (Director)
Phone : 270-234-0007
Fax:      270-234-0442

E-mail : musicandarts@windstream.net

This program is designed for first time players.
Student will learn proper breathing techniques, hand and fingering positions, note identification, rhythms, and basic fundamentals of playing the instrument.

At this level students will work on various etudes and technical exercises to reinforce important playing skills and diverse playing abilities.

Student will learn advance theory (musical phrasing); etudes studies, and build a repertoire of solo pieces in preparation for various music competitions and college scholarship auditions.

We are always looking for quality music instructors that have the passion, talent, and musical skills to teach children and adults. Click here for more information