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The Music & Arts Center of Cutural Leaning offers art classes for all ages. Each class is design to be suited for the ages involved. Students are encouraged to be creative!

The following list of classes are offered. Class descriptions can be found on the right. If you have any questions please contact us.

  • Preschool Class for ages 3 & 4
  • Class for ages 5-7
  • Class for ages 8-10
  • Class for ages 11-14
  • Class for ages 15-17
  • Adult Class
  • Movement and Art (Ages 3-7)
  • Art & Stress Mgmt (Ages 14-Adult)
  • Intro to the Principles of Art
  • Mixed Media (Ages 10-13)
  • Messy Creations (Ages 6-9)

See below for class descriptions

Preschool Classes Ages 3 & 4
Art projects and activites with education structured specifically for preschool students.
Learn How To: Hold and use a pencil, explore colors, learn the alphabet, and learn to use and implement their creativity.

Ages 5-7

Art projects, activities and crafts. Learn about different media and be creative, while learning to implement their own ideas.
Learn How To: Paint, Draw, Print Making, and Other Media

Ages 8-10

Art projects and activities. Students will be introduced to varying styles of art.
Learn How To: Paint, Use Charcoal, Pastel, and Other Media

Ages 11-14

Introduced to various styles of art. Learn from professional and self taught artists. Explore the art of other cultures
Encouraged to create original art. Learn of artists through periods and time lines.
Learn How To: Enter art work in competitions and galleries

Ages 15-17

Learn from professional and self taught artists. Learn from various styles of art. Explore the art of other cultures. Learn how to implement and create original ideas.
Learn How To: Enter art work in competitions and galleries


Topics and classes vary
Private Lessons Available

Movement And Art (Ages 3-7)
Using classical music and music from around the world to incorporate movement and invoke a relaxed environment.
Learn loco motor skills, balance and body awareness.
Learn about rhythm, beat, tempo and recognizing different sounds.
Students will learn from one another and choreograph their movements.
Students will learn to paint, draw, collages and use other mediums.

Art & Stress Mgmt (Ages 14-Adult)
Tuesdays 6-7 PM
$15 per class $120 per 8 week session.
Classes are enrolling now and begin November 8th.
Join this introductory class on stress management and performing technique. This eight week class will cover four stress management techniques which can be easily integrated into your everyday life. At the conclusion of each technique, an art project centered on stress relief and relaxation will be taught. There will be two-eight week sessions, for a total of eight stress relieving techniques!

Intro to the Principles of Art
Special 10 week Session
Fridays 5:30-6:30 PM:
Enrolling now. Classes begin Nov. 18.
For 10 weeks we will examine the importance of learning and incorporating the principles of design in art work. A new technique and element will be introduced each week, culminating with a final project which implements all the principles of design for a great composition.

Mixed Media
Wednesdays 5:30-6:30 PM, Ages 10-13
$12 per class or $96 per 8 week session.
Enrolling now. New semester begins Nov. 16.

Messy Creations
Thursdays 5-6PM, Ages 6-9
$12 per class or $96 per 8 week session.
Enrolling now. New semester begins Nov. 3, however, new students accepted any time.
Explore many mediums and begin to learn the fundamentals of art